The Feldenkrais® Edge

The nature of sports and athletics is its unpredictability. In all sports, each moment provides thousands of new variables for one to experience in the pursuit of delivering superior performance of both mind and body.

The Power of Mind™

Through her years of training in Feldenkrais Method®, Pilates and physical fitness, Naomi has become especially skilled in working with athletes to develop their ability to stay focused and to train their attention on the interior aspects of their physical movements.

Pilates Fusion

The Pilates method is organized to train the body and mind together for a more complete and integrated exercise experience. This work is structured around the ‘powerhouse’ of the body: the stomach hips, low back and buttocks.

Movement Max Mix™

Movement Max Mix™ is a personalized, organized plan and program to teach athletes and teams to get the most out of their mind and body in life and in sports.

Scheduling Sessions with Naomi

  • Naomi is available for individual, group and team consultations.
  • Her sessions can be scheduled at your location as she travels extensively.
  • Please contact her directly to learn of upcoming sessions and locations.
  • She can be reached at or (415) 624-6442