Naomi’s Teaching

Naomi’s teaching method arranges the techniques she offers into a cohesive plan, so that a client can call up the mind-body techniques as needed.  When one wants to improve in sport or performance it is vital to put together a strategy for keeping your mind in the game.  These conditions contribute to the making of a successful athlete or performer.

“The Feldenkrais Method® is the most complete form of body and brain conditioning I have ever experienced. Naomi has an engaging and informed manner of teaching which makes the work both effective and enjoyable to learn.”

Madeleine Perrone, US Professional Dancer
Dance Professor and Former Dancer in Various NY Companies.

Naomi’s Snap Shot

Twenty years experience teaching exercise classes and the Feldenkrais Method® in the United           States, Mexico and Switzerland.
Works with sports teams and groups of all sizes.
Strong motivational skills and dynamic personality.
Fluent in Spanish, some Italian and French.

For more than 20 years Naomi Saunders has been committed to guiding others to enhance their lives through better movement in Europe, Mexico and the US. She has worked with individuals, sports teams and groups.

Throughout her career her training emphasis has been to incorporate focus on one’s mind skills – the benefit of which she learned as the first Anglo-American member of a semi-professional Ethnic Mexican Dance Troupe. She was fortunate enough to dance for notables, including:

Mexican President Luis Echeverria and
United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.

Naomi volunteered at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, USA. She learned first hand how athletes practice and compete. This inspired her to become an exercise and movement instructor.
Naomi’s professional fitness instructor career started after becoming a certified low impact aerobics instructor. She began teaching classes in Mexico, Switzerland, southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. She later obtained certification to teach group fitness classes from the American College of Exercise (ACE).

The Whole Picture


Connecting Feldenkrais, Pilates and Sport Psychology


In 1991 Naomi realized that the Feldenkrais Method® benefits professional performers and athletes in any sport requiring movement.  She embarked on the rigorous 3-4 years long training required to obtain Feldenkrais Method® Instructor Certifications.  Over eight years she acquired two of the 4 year instructor certifications.  She is a fully accredited member of the Feldenkrais® Guild of North America.

In 2004 she recognized the mind-body effectiveness of Pilates and completed her training that year.  This is the second of her three mind-body athlete training specialties.

The third of her Movement Max services is specifically focused on the mental aspects of performance.  Naomi graduates from her Masters in Sport Psychology Program at John F. Kennedy University in 2015.  

Scheduling Sessions with Naomi

  • Naomi is available for individual, group and team consultations.
  • Her sessions can be scheduled at your location as she travels extensively.
  • Please contact her directly to learn of upcoming sessions and locations.
  • She can be reached at or (415) 624-6442