Expanding & Improving Movement

body-mind-skillsAfter years in the physical fitness business, Naomi Saunders realized that the unconscious mind can limit an individual’s range of motion. These ranges are defined in our early childhood by movement patterns and lifestyles.

As children, we generally stop exploring our complete potential for physical activity earlier than we realize. However, very few of us have access to movement experts when we are young. Thus, we lack the awareness to improve our most basic movement patterns and habits.

As we grow older and begin to play, we adopt additional physical skills or sports abilities; but, we frequently take our early postures, alignments and conceptions with us. Our abilities then evolve with limitations that are a result of these early choices. For example, if a child chooses to master baseball, he or she is unlikely to explore the physical agility that is offered by gymnastics.

Over time our basic patterns of movement are established, and we literally ‘move in a groove’ with each passing year of repetitive activity.

In order to improve or change our physical abilities we need to move out of our existing physical habits and mental patterns. Both the body and the mind need new experiences in order to expand and improve our capabilities.  In order to address these needs, Movement Max combines the Power of MindFeldenkrais®, and Pilates Power.

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