Meet Naomi Saunders

Naomi Saunders is passionate about improving lives by teaching mind skills, as well as improving physical movement. As a specialist in mind skills and movement coaching, she supports her athlete clients with ‘lifting the ceiling’ and moving the edges of their perceived performance limitations, thus improving the overall quality of daily life.

Movement Max Mix™

Movement Max Mix™ is a personalized program to teach athletes, coaches and teams to get the most out of their mind and body in sports and in life. Our Mix is a unique combination of Naomi Saunders’ Power of Mind™ mind skills training, Feldenkrais® practices, and/or the Pilates Method.

The Power of Mind ™

More and more top athletes, including tennis champions Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Olympic figure skaters Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, have discussed the importance of mind sport skills in media interviews. When their game is off, they place their mind skills training as a first priority.

The Feldenkrais Edge ™

The Feldenkrais Method®, developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (fel-den-krais), has been used for more than 60 years by professional athletes, Olympic medalists, artists and performers to shake out of their performance limitations, and to improve their game.

Pilates Fusion

“Time is money” as professional athletes know all too well. Which is why it is notable that with millions of people doing Pilates, the list of sport athletes is extensive. Olympic champions: including Julie Mancuso (skiing), Misty May-Treanor (Olympic volleyball gold medalist), Sanay Richards (running), and Sasha Cohen (figure skating).

“Tennis is mostly mental.  Of course, you must have a lot of physical skill, but you can’t play tennis well and not be a good thinker.  You win or lose the match before you even go out there.”

Venus Williams, Ranked World No. 1
Winner of seven singles Grand Slam titles
4 Olympic gold metals and five Wimbledon singles titles

“Mental toughness is not something you have on a game day. It is a habit of mind that becomes a part of your pride and your self-image. It is something you carry with you everywhere – patience in a line of traffic, attentiveness in a classroom, nobility on the practice floor. It is a quality of mind.”

John Wooden, Legendary US College Basketball Coach
Took UCLA to 10 National Titles.

“I can’t say enough good things about the Feldenkrais Method®. I believe its made the difference between continuing my competitive running career and retiring prematurely.”

Chris Boyd
1992 US Track National Champion (5,000 meters)

Scheduling Sessions with Naomi

  • Naomi is available for individual, group and team consultations.
  • Her sessions can be scheduled at your location as she travels extensively.
  • Please contact her directly to learn of upcoming sessions and locations.
  • She can be reached at or (415) 624-6442